26 mar 2008

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Eugenio Bennato Italian folk music and dance

eugenio bennato
Eugenio Bennato
I'm very honored to present you: EUGENIO BENNATO one of builders of "Nuova Compagnia Canto popolare" (New Chant Popular Club) founded in '69. That group was been very important for all Italian Music Culture. Just to that moment the traditional Folk-music, not considerated a true music. It's hard to understand it, now; but the italian music divided in: pop-rock and opera, without takes in consideration the music that our grand-fathers sungs for many many years, we think for centuries, but Italy after 2nd World War makes a big transformation; someone saids that "Between 1950 and 1960 in Italy spended 100 years": from a farmer society becomes an industrial society: the traditions are leaving: men who plays these songs were olds and young men didn't play it. Eugenio Bennato together some others intelliget artists founded that group to preserve most folk music possible. of course the success was only between italian musicians, but now, thanks to them we have many albums very good songs, as "Briganti se more" ( video n. 4-5 with the translation in english), about the "Italian Banditism History" , a song soudtrack of a Telefilm made by Italian television Rai around the riots in Italy between 1861 (date of Italy's unification) and 1866; the reasons because now, South Italy has many problem has mafia, camorra, 'ndrangheta, politics corruption, and a less economic develop than the Nord.
  Here you can find and interesting documents: the unofficial history of South Italy (pdf file) Eugenio Bennato is the brother of Edoardo Bennato that made a success after success... Now he is the leader lf Taranta Power, a group that plays Tarantella and pizzica, an old folk music dance of South that we talks here, -called also "Saltarello" (a dance comes from Middle Ages and that one could be comes from the older "Bacchanalia", 2-3 century b.C. ) in center of Italy (video n.8)- rennoved by mediterraneo's traditions and others Music-world's influences.

  • Eugenio Bennato songs and tarantella.

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