3 mar 2008

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Francesco Tricarico new star of Italian Pop Music

Francesco Tricarico
Francesco Tricarico
FRANCESCO TRICARICO borns in Milan, on '71 and in the last Sanremo Italian Music Festival is the winner of 'Critic award Mia Martini' . I didn't remember who is Tricarico. In 2000 he plays the first song and is an incredible success: "Io sono Francesco"( I am Francesco) . That song, plays as a babies' song (nursery rhyme or joyful song) it's a private story of a man that shows all himself to all the world.
The purposes of his songs seem to do some psychodramas: for to know him to the pubblic and to make better himself.
All his songs has that particular. When "Io sono Francesco" exit I appreciated very much that song and I think the song will begin a big success for Francesco, as author and as singer: in 2001 was the winner of "Song of the year" but time after time I forgot to him and now, to meet him to Sanremo 2008 has been a very good surprise.
A little thing: I'd like to said about how to Tricarico sings the songs: He seem always out-of-tone. That particularity I don't understand well if He do it for 'to take to his songs a particular ways to sing' or only because He is really out-of-tone: I never see him in a live concert , but that is a very mysteriuos thing....Still I'll hear him in a live concert I'll refresh that review.

  • Io sono Francesco, the song that Tricarico published on 2000.

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  1. Non c'è dubbio che quest'anno il premi della critica sia stato assegnato alla canzone che lo meritava davvero. Non è la più bella del festival ma ha un testo eccezionale.

    saluti, blogmaster,



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