5 mar 2008

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Giuseppe Di Stefano tribute video

giuseppe di stefano
Giuseppe Di Stefano
Thanks, Giuseppe di Stefano. With Your voice you has been one of more rappresentative Italian person in the world: tradition, culture, all in 7 notes.
GIUSEPPE DI STEFANO borns in 1921, from a modest family, in a little town on Sicily. That is the story of "american dream", and, as all true american dream did by a Stranger. His father was a cobbler and the mother a housewife, his parent go to him for to study, in a Gesuit's seminay . He starts to sing very young, but 'pop' songs. in '46 the firsts roles and His debut with the Metropolitan Opera in 1948. To understand the very fast career of Di Stefano we can understand the really talent and the big voice of that man, but we can't forget that was the years after the 2nd world war and that New York was full of Sicilians very influents...

The big success comefew years later, when, together Maria Callas makes a duet historical for lyric music.
Di Stefano, as singer was admired for his excellent diction, unique timbre, and passionate delivery, and particularly for his sweet soft tones.

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