22 mar 2008

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Rhapsody of fire: greatest hits

rhapsody of fire
Rhapsody of fire
RHAPSODY OF FIRE is the most popular Italian eavy metal band; unknow in Italy. Yes, that is true; in Italy that band is know only aroud eavy metal funs: their popularity is only out of Italy. To understand that is not easy: eavy metal isn't a follows kind of music, but Rapsody are very fomouses in all the world. They sold out more than one million of LP and that thing explain how is diffucult for italian musicians becomes famouses in Italy when you don't play pop-music and when you never been in Sanremo music festival. That thing is an example how works in Italy the music market, and others markets: it's very difficult that talent is the winner; is more easy to becames famous to have "right" friends. I know that thing exist also in others countries, but now, in my Country is a prolblem for all Italian Economy.
They comes from Trieste, and formed in '95 by: Strapoli, keyboards; Trulli guitars and Lione voice; also two elements  from german: Guers, bass and Holzwart, battery. The soud of Rapsody is a mix between classic and eavy, called from themself 'Hollywood metal' that describes very good the atmosphère, a sort of soudtrack of Hollywood's films made in eavy-metal way, in effect all theirs work coud be soundtraks for fantasy film and soudtrack for Playstation's fantasy games or Pc's fantasy games.. To define the soud of Rapsody of fire we can also talks about medieval songs, as last works, made also with a big orchestra and choir of 40 elements. personally, i think Rapsody of Fire is a great band and They retrive old Italian sound (Medieval songs) and 'way to play music' as Paganini, the violin's 'virtuoso' docet. I think We can only said 'thank you' to this band that exports Italian music, also that music is not the traditional one.

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