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GIOVANNI ALLEVI, Italian pianist (Classical Music)

giovanni allevi italian pianist songs
Giovanni Allevi
GIOVANNI ALLEVI is one of my old classmates; We studied at same Perugia's Conservatory, the same strument: the piano, but We don't makes the same career.
Only when I read his biography I remember of him, but We were only booys; I think We has had the same Piano's Teacher: a very beautiful woman and a good pianist, but not a good Teacher, for me; the same thing doesn't thinks Giovanni Allevi: he graduated with good grades at Perugia's Conservatory, in piano, after that he also graduated cum laude to the Univesity, becames a Philosopher and, of course for every classic piano players in Italy, He graduated as Composer, at Milan Conservatory.

The strange thing for a musician that cames from Conservatory is plays jazz and classic, but, after, we'll shows about Giovanni Allevi ...
In Milan, Allevi meets Jovanotti that is also a producer: is '97 and "13Dita", (13Fingers) is the first album of Allevi, a strumental album. The songs are writes by Allevi and he plays the piano. No band, No other musical struments, no effects: only a man with his piano: the dream of all musicians: to have success only from him-self. In '97 He 'open' Jovanotti's concerts; after that he partecipates as pianist to Jovanotti's band; he went to make concerts in America, Europe, Italy in some Jazz and Rock Festivals; in 2002 he makes another album: "Composizioni" (Compositions), and continues his style: one man and his piano, just to that year: Allevi's new album: "Evolution" , he plays together an ' orchestra', finally! While he makes all these things, he wins many awards: as artist, as composer, as pianist, for his music and for his talent, in Italy, Austria, Neaples, "Carosone's award", Calabria, Sicilia; his songs are used as sountrack of famouse televion commercials for very famouse marks, for example BMW. I don't know if Allevi is true a good pianist, composer, or musician: in the last days I heard many of his compositions and performance with the piano. I can said that he is better as composer than as pianist, but he doesn't a bad pianist: I know many jazz pianists and just to this moment I don't heard from him 'incredible performances'...
But I'm happy that pubblic that loves pop songs are going to know classic music, piano, jazz, thanks to Allevi Giovanni..

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