20 apr 2008

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NEK greatest Hits video live

NEK ( Filippo Neviani) borns 35 years ago, in a little country village near Modena, in Emilia Romagna, the region that has the most good italian's cooking and home of many italian artists.

He starts to play music only 4 years old, and only 12 years old when, with his best friend open a 'Country-western' band: "Winchester", at 18 years changes band "White Lady" where he pubblish his firsts songs (he writes the music) and in few times he becomes the frontman of the band.

He has a good voice and plays the guitar; that thing helps to him, in '91 to becames Nek, where he writes all music together his old friend-band Paolo Cassiano, and texts writes by others.
That 'team' will be the same just to now. We can catalogues Nek's music as 'melodic rock', or 'melodic pop', it's sure that is a kind of commercial music.
In '93 he partecipates to Sanremo and all italian pubblic knows him, but the big success arrives, thanks to Sanremo, of course, with "Laura non c'è".
In the competion his song is only 7th, but all lp " Lei, gli amici, tutto il resto" is one of more sold in Italy on '97 with 600,000 copies, and pubblished in Europe and in South America.

NEK songs with video and lyrics:

That album sold 2 million copies in all the world; the year after to follow that success, Nek's producers pubblishs the movie "Laura non c'è", where Nek writes the soundtrack and compares in the lasts scenes.
After that, he has had many success; now, Nek is popular, he sold the most part of his music in South America

Nek's Discography:
  1. Nek - 1992,
  2. In Te - 1993,
  3. Colore Umano - 1994,
  4. Lei, gli amici e tutto il resto - 1997,
  5. In due - 1998,
  6. La vita è - 2000,
  7. Le cose da difendere, 2002,
  8. Una parte di me - 2005,
  9. Nella stanza 26 - 2006,
  10. Un'altra direzione - 2009
  11. Filippo Neviani - 2013
  12. Prima di parlare - 2015

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  1. Thank you for this great blog!!!

    I enjoy it so much!!!

    NEK is great singer, just heard his song yesterday and cannot stop listening it..:))))

  2. thanks for this i suggest this blog to stereomood.com, and put it on my playlist "take me into your arms", they only play songs not video i think, but i hope they comvert this to a song, if you can put the song in a good quality, would be better.
    bye, kisses.n:)

  3. Nek is a good locking and a verry great singer

  4. Some songs of Nek are really nice


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