10 apr 2008

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NOMADI forever, greatest hits

NOMADI (Nomads) is a rock group founded in '63 from a singer, Augusto Daolio, the keyboarder, Beppe Carletti and battery, Manfredini. It is still in tour... it's one of most loved Italian Bands. 
In '60's were an icon-group of freedom and of 'culture revolution', as the others in all 'west world'. 
Theirs songs speaks about long airs, freedom, California, dreams and love, in '69 a particular song 'Dio è morto' 'God is dead' changes Their career. 
The song says that 'God is dead', because God has seen the war in Vietnam, God has seen too much injustice in the world, God is dead, when he saw the concentration camps of Auschwitz ...; but at end of song 'God resurges', to help all the world. 
I remember very well, I was very young and I sung with Churc's choir group, that song plays to us while the holy Mass celebrated. To said that things can be normal, now, but 30-35 years ago, in Italy was as little revolution in society and religion's things. in fact, after Second Vatican Council ('62-'65), many things changes in Catholic religion, and these things are very important for Italian society. You never forget Vatican is in Italy and just to 1860 Vatican was a true state in the middle of italy that was 1/3 km2 of all Italy. Pope has been as 'The boss' of all european culture for 1,500 years!! But, as i wrote few times ago Italy makes in only 10 years big changes in everythings. the particular of "Nomadi" is that group is always in tour
They plays in all cities ( and in Italy there are many cities), also the more littles. 
That things help that band to know many many peoples. 
They doesn't has success in others Countries as others famous  Italian  Bands or singers, but Italian pubblics loves Them, years after years, generation after generations, still now, after 45 years of career in every Nomadi's concert there are young pubblics, medium-ages pubblics and old pubblics. 
I made a video playlist with more concerts possibles, where we can found the true feel of 'Nomadi'. 
In 1992 Daolio, singer and front-man dies, the same year also another component, in a car-crash dies. 
All the world think the group will end, but 'Nomadi is forever' ( it's their slogan) , and the group, restarts to plays its songs, as now, that they are in tour

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  1. Mitici...hanno fatto la storia...Solo canzoni vere!!! E non buffonate come ai giorni d'oggi!!



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