6 apr 2008

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Sabrina Salerno: the sexy girl of Italian music

Sabrina Salerno
SABRINA SALERNO borns in Genova on 1968, the city of De Andrè. At 16 years old She wins ( for a case) a Beauty Award and She is only 18 years old when, thanks to Cecchetto, a famous DeeJay and producer, the same one of Jovanotti, plays her first disc-music song: "Sexy Girl": is a big international success, that, the year later ( '87) with "Call Me" is bigger than the first one, the smash hit single "Boys (Summertime Love)", which has sold more than
1,5 million copies to date worldwide, and "Hot Girl", which made the Top 10 in five European Countries. 
Sabrina Salerno will be the "sexy girl" of Italian music, know in all the word, considerated one of most beautiful Italian singers of 80s
The kind of music she plays is dance, disco, easy and fun that, together to her image of 'hot girl', not help her to have a big success in Italy, but the most of her success will be in the other Countries, where she is knows as one of most beautiful Italian singers
The career of Sabrina Salerno continues in Tv, in teathres and to record more songs, but she won't has the same success of first songs. 
In 2005 She married and now has a beautiful baby. 
Now, Sabrina continues to the new stylife: to be an actress in teathre and to be a 'mum' in own home.

  • Sabrina Salerno songs in the video playlist above:
    sabrina salerno 45 anni
    Sabrina Salerno, 2013
    is still a sexy girl
  1. Boys
  2. Sexy Girl
  3. My Chico (1988)
  4. All Of Me (1988)
  5. Siamo donne

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