2 apr 2008

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Ivana Spagna: songs of Italo Disco

ivana spagna
Ivana Spagna
Ivana Spagna has had a strange career: she  born in a little town, near Verona, in '56. The first songs she plays is in '70 and '71 (n. 10 and 11 in the playlist below), but She is too young and doesn't countineus.

Is only at 30 years old that she pubblish herself with "Easy Lady", but the song refused by italian's producers pubblished in Europe: the success is big and in summer european's tourists when comes in to italian seas to spent theirs holidays has whit them that song.

It's only in that way Ivana Spagna can to be know by Italian pubblic: the 45 (the single) is at n.1 for 6 weeks.
The year after, '87, is another success, more big that first one: "Call me".
In '90 she went in Usa, but in the middle of her promotional campaign she stops and returns in Italy for 'sentimental problems', she saids.
Is '94 when she plays the last album in english language. Just to that moment I dislike her.

I thing that her songs was too commercials and writes only to make money when she leaves to plays disc music and starts to sing in Italian language love songs I understand that her voice is very beautiful and powered , but I think, also that time, her songs are more commercials than plays to make the better thing possible.
Spagna's songs are pops, melodics, but follows the melodic pop that comes from U.S. and U.K., not the italian one. With her voice she could to sing very good songs, but I think her apprehension ( and her manager) doesn't permit to her.
She also a song-writer, the most part of her songs has been wrotes by herself.

Now, her career has 20 years old and sold 20 million copies; she makes only some television's appears, as that year, together Loredana Bertè to sing at last Sanremo's Festival.
She has been, together RAF the most popular Italo Disco  Singer

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