25 mag 2008

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Francesco De Gregori, the italian songwriter

francesco de gregori
Francesco De Gregori
FRANCESCO DE GREGORI has been, together De Andrè, Lucio Dalla and Venditti, one of most important Italian song-writers.
Inspired by Leonard Coen and Bob Dylan, De Gregori starts singing and playing guitar, in the last years of '60's.
He comes from a intellectual bourgeus' family, and starts to play guitar,  together his brother, he helps Francesco to know others musician, as Antonello Venditti, that were populars to this time.

Finally, in 1973 De Gregori pubblished his first album as songwriter, with the title "Alice non lo sa" , with a cryptic style, is the 1975 when pubblichs "Rimmel": he has his first big success.
Also for all '80's makes success, just for that moment, where pubblishes, that year, "Per brevità chiamato artista", where De Gregori judges as negatives, the  cultural revolution in Italy "68"; where it during 10 years (!).

Francesco De Gregori songs with lyrics:

De Gregori's music style, is very similar to Bob Dylan, for the texts that something, are complicates to understand.
De Gregori's sings sometimes talks about the history of Italy; sometimes about the society, sometimes our Icons, as the history of western, in America, or other times, the peace-loving songs.
But the most part of his songs, has wroted as poems, for that reason, I think De Gregori, as De Andrè - that I prefer - he could be considerated like a poet ,  than a songwriter.
De Gregori, Live:

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