31 mag 2008

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SONOHRA the italian boy-band

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SONOHRA is a song-writer group from Verona, formed by two brothers: Luca and Diego Fainello.
They wins the 'Youngs' category of Sanremo 2008 Fainello is a tipically neapolitan surname; Luca writes text and Diego writes the sound of songs.
The first album , called "Grido e canto " done when that group called "2tto"; with the same name.

 They sungs the music for a japaneese cartoon called "UFO Baby". After to make many live shows, they partecipates to Sanremo music Festival, where they wins "Youngs" category with "Amore".
Sonohra' are not only two beautiful boys ( in Italy all teenagers goes to crazy for them), but They are also good musicians: in "Sweet Home Chicago", n.5 of the playlist below, they demonstrates it; the voices and guitars makes a very good sound; They prefers to sing the blues, that's sure, but for commercial raison They plays a tipically 'British' sound, the most wanted at this moment.

SONOHRA the italian boy-band

3 commenti:

  1. Mi piacciono molto :o)

  2. sonohra is the best band ever!!!
    i hope they can reach more goals
    and that they keep making songs like "Buscando el amor" y
    "Besos faciles"
    deverdad son lo mejor!!!!!!!!!


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