6 giu 2008

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Anna Tatangelo songs of ex Baby-Star

anna tatangelo
Anna Tatangelo
ANNA TATANGELO borns in a little provincial's town: Sora, near Rome in 1982.
Tatangelo starts to sing only 7 years old and, when she has only 15 years old partecipates to Sanremo Song Accademy, a minor event, and wins it, after that thing, of course, She partecipates to the real Sanremo Italian Music Festival and wins it in "Youngs" category, with "Doppiamente fragili": it's a big success, pubblic and music critics talks about her as "the female voice as 'Mina'"; in the same year She knows Gigi D'Alessio considetates one of the most important; but certaly the most popular singer of Neapolitan music of that moment.
That first 'meeting' with D'Alessio will be very important for the young Anna Tatangelo; together they'll plays many songs and, time after, will be love. D'Alessio leaves his family, his daughter and his two sons for Anna and that thing open a 'scandal' in all Italian gossip papers. Anna Tatangelo , while plays with D'Alessio, makes her personal career with many success, and writes also many texts of her songs.
For some reasons Tatangelo is one of more 'gossip' Italian singers, one of most loved and one of most envy.
Her career, and her relationship with the neapolitan singer are every weeks in italian newspapers; her YouTube's videos are full of opinions of who is versus and who is a 'fan' and loves her...

Anna Tatangelo songs in the video playlist above:
Anna Tatangelo songstress
Anna Tatangelo songstress

  1. Bastardo
  2. Sensi
  3. Profumo di Mamma
  4. Occhio per occhio
  5. Averti Qui

Anna Tatangelo discography ( songs)

  • Doppiamente fragili (2002)
  • Un nuovo bacio (con Gigi D'Alessio)(2003)
  • Volere volare (con Federico Stragà)
  • Corri
  • L'amore più grande che c'è (2004)
    Anna Tatangelo Gigi D'Alessio
    Anna Tatangelo Gigi D'Alessio
  • Ragazza di periferia (2005)
  • Quando due si lasciano
  • Qualcosa di te (2006)
  • Essere una donna
  • Colpo di fulmine
  • Averti qui (2007)
  • Lo so che finirà
  • Il mio amico (2008)
  • Mai dire mai
  • Profumo di mamma
  • Rose spezzate (2009)
  • Bastardo (2001)
  • Occhio per occhio (2013)

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