29 giu 2008

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Italian Music

Italian music
Italian music
When we talks about Italian Music We thinks quikly to opera and 'Bel Canto', but isn't so easy.
Opera was 'popular music' just to '50's, when in Italy becomes rock'n roll.
In effect, there were others kinds of musics, folk music, political songs and 'canzonette', or 'little songs', called in that manner to distnguish its from 'bel canto'.

The 'temple' of 'canzonette' is Sanremo, where singers and groups wanted to know them must to go.
Now that 'structure' is changing, new television programs as X Factor, in that same year help to new talents to know Them to all the worlds. The new phenomenom of 'Tv music reality' is very important for us in the Italian music industry, and in the 'ways' ot follow the music: internet, thanks to DLS cables now in all italian families are changing many things about all the italian culture.
In the video in your right you can see the winners of first X Factor italian version: the vocal Group ARAM QUARTET  with that song "Who, Chi", sung in the final episode, helped Them to win the Tv program

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