23 giu 2008

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Italian Political Songs

italian political songs
Italian flag

To speak about Italian politic's songs it must starts from longtime ago: the Ist World War. 

It's 1917 the year of famous October Russian's revolution and, in the same year, the fascism takes its bases with the less knows Battle of Piave River
We can see these two storic episodies as the two bases of the same kind of music: the political songs
The politics songs can starts in differents methods, but the most part of its, and the most importants comes from the authors and their political cares. 
Fascism goes to power in 1920 and it will be the only possibles form of politic: who doesn't want it, could be imprisons , or could be, in the most of politicians cases, expelled from Italy as a normal criminal, but who makes politics as socialists, comunists,liberals, repubblicans, in the most part of cases goes away from Italy and went to France. 

Italian political songs pubblishsed here:

The others (little) part of Italians with different politic ideas to the fascism can only to rest in silent, do not partecipate to fascists reunions ( where all citizens 'must' to go for social reasons and words reasons, for example who didn't subscribe to fascist party can't make work career nowhere. In 20 years with Min Cul Pop; The Minister of Popular Culture: the most important ministere of fascism, for my opinion, copied some years after, from all Countries where freedom was only a dream: It had the charge to check every publication, seizing all that documents held dangerous or contrary to the fascist regime and spreading the so-called orders of press (or veil of it) with which precise dispositions were imparted around the content of the articles, the importance of the titles and their greatness. This office, dealt in general, him with the propaganda, therefore not only control of the press. All music controlled by MinCulPop... 
In that cultural background wrote songs as Giovinezza - n.1 in the video playlist below -, the Fascist Anthem (1921-'43) and the others fascist' songs. It's only after the Italian's Armistice of September, 8, 1943 that resistence becomes 'important' in Italy and starts the first kind of forms of partisan's songs
Bella Ciao is the most famous . But these are only the 'starts' of many politics songs in my Country. the years after that kind of songs becomes more important. After the second World War handmaker movement becomes very big in Italy, and political songs are very important, as all music in that period of big changes in Italy. We remember that Italy in only 10 years - 1950-60 - transfomed to a nation of farmer in one of bigges industrial Country. That economic revolution is also cultural, of course. 
The 'italian political songs' and its melodies are simples, the catchy texts, because the political song must be able to easily be learned to memory and sings without necessarily an instrumental base, so that to also be used during processions and demonstrations., the only differences is tht after the IInd world war right's songs doesn't exists, as before the war didn't exists the left's songs. In fact, now when we'll eardh the video playlist we can undersand it. That thing can to undesand very well the really political situation in Italy: before the war all italians were fascists, after the war all italian were comunists ( or socialists). Comunists didn't has a 'MinCulPop', but we can said that the 90% of italian intellectuual were comunists, or were comunists' external sponsors. That thing still rest in all italian journalism and in the most part of italian culture, with some example also in many opinion Blogs of today.... That is a very bad thing for a cultural life. If everithing can has only a left pointview or a right pointview, the reality will be always very too distance from reader's prespetcive.
The only difference between left and right intellecutals was on the numbers: the 'right' intellectual were only a little part of left one. 
Now the Italian pop culture can only to make a self-critic. Many peoples starts to do it, but there are a big part didn't... 
That is one of reasons of the problems that there are, now, in my Country. Ok; now that is the text of partisan song -n.2 in video playlist- . "Bella Ciao" the words says that ( is only an easy translation): "One morning, I wake up and I seen the invasors. Now i 'feel' to die, and if I die as partisan You must lay me to rest under the shadow of a beautiful flower. The people will pass here (on my tomb), says to me 'What a beautiful flower!"!' That's the partisan's flower , the partisan's flower died for the freedom!" Now, in Italy after many years of terrorism, fear and hate, there is the peace.. but it's a peace without ideals and without religion; when ideals died what we can do with the peace?.....