29 giu 2008

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X Factor Italian version, where comes the new music talents

x factor italy
X Factor Italy
Update: X Factor Italy isn't more on Rai TV, but is on Sky TV, just to 2010.
That year is the first of X Factor Tv show in Italy. That thing could be very important for all Italian music. X Factor program starts in January to make castings and stopped the last days of May, 2008. Winned by a Vocal Group; " a cappella" group: " The ARAM QUARTET ".
X Factor Tv Show started with many difficulties. the pubblic was not much. The Rai ( Italian Pubblic Televsion), when a Show not goes in a good way stopped it. But that time the authors, and the facts that X Factor in others Countries has had a big success, continued to program it. The choice was right. Episode after episode pubblic has encached and in May, when trasmission must stops, noone wanted to stop it.
The reasons are culturales, more than only 'marketing'. To shows in a Tv program in 'prime time' some unknows singers doesn't pay authors of many efforts done. An Italian music show without gossip is not considerated a show... The gossip around the 'trues' winners of Sanremo, for example, is one of 'propeller' that can to go the engine of the most important event of entertainment in Italy( after an improbable World Championship of 'Soccer' in Italy, of course). All persons knows that" to know before the end who will be the winner " it's a very injustice, but the 'stylife', the old thinks of nepotism, relations anda sort of 'omertà' is all around Italian culture. The new tv format X Factor with the judges in direct of: 3 votes and that one - also in direct tv of pubblic from telephones, deletes all the 'gossip' aroud the probably winners.

In that kind of tv programs all show based on the talent of singers. X Factor is only the last program in that 'way', some years ago Berlusconi's Tv, 'Canale 5' starts with 'Amici', a sort of 'Fame', but realise as reality show in 6-7 months and where teenagers that sings, dances and actors every weeks makes 'matches' to rest in the 'school'. But is only with 'X Factor' that many pubblic recognised himself. In X Factor the dream to become a famous singer with a big music contract is real.
The last thing is internet. With internet, also if the program is ended, with videos, or Mp3 files, users can enjoin it, always. They can see his preferites singers or the preferites songs; with his iPod's can heart its everydays. The big difference with others Tv programs is that: X Factor is more view now, after a month to it ends, than one  month ago!!!
In X Factor Blog Italian Version You can find the more interesting singers, his videos and reviews.
In that little video playlist the finalists: the video n.4 is the sing song by ARAM QUARTET in the last episode, with they wins the final, the n. 1 is from Tony a 19 years old, the n.2 is Emanuele a rocker and the n. 3 is Giusy Ferreri, a girl borns in Sicily that lives in Milan, the most loved from italian public and from me for his 'particular' voice.

Other artists became popular thanks to X Factor in the recent years are: 
  • Chiara Galiazzo, the first audition of last winner of X Factor 2012.

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