21 lug 2008

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Alexia songs discography bio video

Alexia songs discography bio video

I hear ALEXIA for first time very many years ago, in a international Basket macth where played Italian team. 

She sung a 'particular' version of the Italian Anthem , but I dind't found that amazing 'blues-jazz' version, sorry!... Alexia is a particular song-writer; could sing many genres of music but she sings 'disco dance music' just to few times ago. The Italian Singers has a long tradition in the disc-music international as Raf or Spagna, but Alexia, altrhought her success doesn't never changes the way of espression'. I don't know if that one is a personal 'choose' or is only for commercial use. She has my same years old, but I'll never tell You when...) and only when She is 5 years old she starts to sing. She wins 50 (!) manifestations for singers, but
the first big success comes only with a project call MC ICE where she, together a good rapper, makes some big disc-music success. One of these "Think about the way" is one of most important song of soundtrack of "Trainspottig", the cult movie. It's the success that transform Alexia, now She is an international Star. Her powerful voice goes out of Italy and can to hear in Spain, Europe an, of course South America; in Brazil in particular. Finally, she strats to sing in italian language and in 2002 arrives 2nd in Sanremo Italian Music Festival with "Dimmi come" -n. 13 of that playlist and for me her best song - and in '03 She wins with "Per dire di no" - n. 14 -, where she shows what can does with her incredible voice... The big change in Alexia's career of 2003, at the same time, as many others artists, is also a big change in her life. Now Alexia is a 'mum' and in the last album "Alè" with the song "Grande coraggio" - n. 16 -. She said that She'll goes t "pop-rock" .. We said: good luck, Alexia!!

Alexia discography (Studio albums):

  1. Fan Club (1997)
  2. Remix Album 98 (1998)
  3. The Party (1998)
  4. Happy (1999)
  5. The Hits (2000)
  6. Mad For Music (2001)
  7. Alexia (2002)
  8. Il Cuore A Modo Mio (2003)
  9. Gli Occhi Grandi Della Luna (2004)
  10. Da Grande (2005)
  11. Le Piu' Belle Di (2007)
  12. Ale (Alexia album) (2008)
  13. Collections (2009)
  14. Ale & C (2009)

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  1. i like alexia style in singing
    i respect it
    really 'u la la la i love u people' italy

  2. We loves Alexia too, but where are now?
    We don't know


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