30 lug 2008

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Mogol songs of Italian lyricist

Battisti and Mogol
MOGOL is the name art of Giulio Rapetti , considerated the most important Italian lyricist in life.
His father, Mariano Rapetti, was an important director of the Ricordi record label, and had been in his own time a successful lyricist of the 1950s.
Young Mogol, who was likewise employed by Ricordi as a public relations expert, began his own career as a lyricist against his father's wishes.

His first success is "Il cielo in una stanza", a song from Gino Paoli and sung by Mina. The real story of that song is very stranges. It is very romantique, but Gino Paoli wrote it after to make love - for his 'the first time' - with a whore; he images that "The sky in the room" (the exatly translation).
After that to said what are the songs writes by Mogol is very very difficult, I think he wrotes the 30% of Italian success of last 40 years. 
A date very important for Mogol is when meets Lucio Battisti
Togheter, these two big artists for first times wrote songs for other artist, but in 1969 starts to write songs for Lucio Battisti
Mogol-Battisti greatest hits
The success will be incredible and a new music label will be open only for Battisti and Mogol: called 'Numero Uno' ( Number one). 
Everytime they exit with a new album that one in few days will be at the number one of 45 and 33 music charts.
Now Mogol opened a Music School in the hill of Umbria, my region. 

That is becoming in the last years the most important pop music italian school, called Centro Europeo il Tuscolano
In 2008 Val d'Aosta , an Italian indipendent Region, made Premio Mogol, for the best italian text song

We choose to You a photo with Mina ( the best interpreter of Battisti-Mogol music), Battisti ( left) and Mogol (right), the most important 3 musicians of Italian music pop
For music videos We choose for You only one: Celentano sings Mogol (texts) and Gianni Bella (music) song: l'Arcobaleno, one of best Italian songs:

mogol battisti mina
Battisti, Mina, Mogol

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