10 lug 2008

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Neri per Caso, a cappella Group

neri per caso
Neri per caso
NERI PER CASO is a vocal group 'a cappella'* ; one of the first in the last years.
The components are six friends all along: two brothers; their cousins: others two brothes and two friends of all them.
 It seems a good novel, but is real: in fact to sing was only a big hobby for Them, but when there is talent...
They comes from Salerno, - one of most beautiful town in "Amalfi Coast", a place absolutly to visit for it beauty of nature, for History, architeture, arts, etc.. - situated in Campania, near Naples.
Before becomes professionl musicians their works were total differents. 

 I remember very well when a night, in the first of '90's, while I cannot sleep, I heared my preferred music-radio progam, where, every night, a new group were showed. 
That group of friends sungs 'a cappella' and that night songs some songs , interpreted many famous songs: they were awesome!
The name "Neri per caso" means "
Dressed in black by chance"; the first time a journalist, after heated them called: what is Yors name? They didn't has one, but that night all members of group dressed in black: "Neri per Caso", now is the name of grup. 
When few years later, in 1995, I seen Them in Sanremo as 'youngers' I supported them, and Neri per caso won that edition, withthe song "Le ragazze" (The Girls), one of they best success ever. 
 Now Neri per Caso is one of most knows Italian vocal groups, the first one, after many, many years to sing 'a cappella', a tipicaly chorus without instruments; only voices.
That is one of most older kind of music. Some scientists thinks the men before starts to sing, and only after, to speak. 

That evidence is on the babies. The first words they speaks only after the first year old , while they makes' notes whith their voices.
In the History, religious monks in monastry used 'a cappella' chorus for the semplicity and because to sing together is an expressive form very similar to a prayer. 

The 3 monotheist's religions has 'a cappella ' chorus, and still often is, used in religious music; in States of South of U.S. that kind of chorus has a big tradition and in '80's and '90's Manhattan Transfert has had an international success. 
Now, in Italy, it seems another gold era for 'a cappella' Groups: in the last edition of 'X Factor Italian version many groups presents, and one of these: ARAM QUARTET, wins the event. 
 The popularity,of Neri per Caso, now, is only in Italy: they has a good number of funs, but They didn't still success in other Countries and I hope, with that little article and with the playlist above, to help that Group: They are very giood. 
In Their MySpace, You can find some tracks of last songs www.myspace.com/neripercaso

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