13 lug 2008

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Where to learn Italian language and Culture

learn italian language
University for Foreigners,

To learn Italian language and Culture is not difficult. 

There are many places and methods that can help to you to start learn Italian language. I know one of the best of its.
It's Perugia University for Foreigners, where you can , in very few times, to learn Italian language.
Of course You could to come in Italy, but "the best things are hards to have". The lastest times has seen the oil price go up too much, but a travel in Italy isn't too much cost as you can think.
To stay in Perugia for a month, coul cost only 3-400 U.S. dollars that, more books and others things can cost 800 U.S. dollars for all. 
The airpane tickets, if you buy before the 'hight' holidays, using a last minute Travel agency aren't too much costs, but I can't tell that. 
You must to do a 'search' about it. I think with 1,500 U.s. dollars you can all things: Travel, rent rooms in Perugia, books and some money to spend when you don't study. 
Perugia is a little town between Rome, where you can visit the Vaticano and Florence here You can go to see many beautiful Art ever. I think 1,500 dollars aren't to much to understand well the italian culture, visit Italy and to exit from that Country with a fluent Italian language and to know better the Italy and its Culture. Of course, after that, You'd must continue to speak and to read , to see television and films in Italiano, but I know in Usa there is a very big italian communities...
perugia university
The Center of Town of Perugia: only few meters
from University for foreigners

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  1. It is amazing how cheap you can stay in Perugia for. In college, I missed the opportunity to go on an Italian Language Educational Class there....boy what a regret. I was wondering where you get your info, it is remarkable. I am going to follow your blog for new posts! (Love the picture at the header by the way)

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