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Calabria today

Carabinieri Cacciatori, Hunters
Carabinieri Cacciatori
CALABRIA: During the last few years, the Italian Government has tried in everyway, the "Anonymous Calabrian Kidnapping*" from its hideout: the Aspromonte, a place where no one can get without being spotted by criminal organizations.
Unnecessary, the use of sniffer dogs and helicopters: when to fold, was found a hiding, where the abductees were made, it was empty because the occupants had already been informed by hour, the arrival of the forces of order..

But also to only move in these zones is problematic: the Aspromonte is an impenetrable labyrinth of high tops, tightened valleys and impassable walls; on all a wild vegetation reigns and that renders difficult, if not impossible,
land transactions.
Here enough a camouflage cloth and
a bit of foliage could to transform a simple gorge in a invisibile shelter.
However, already to arrive in the inner zones it is problematic, as villages must be crossed in which part of the population supports the criminals and the acts of the Police enforcements hinder; an episode for all: in the autumn of 1991, in Platì, a group of children, has taken rocks to an helicopter of the Police officers, that was alone landing in a place of the periphery of the village…
And those which they would want to collaborate, they cannot make it, because here the law of the cospiracy of silence is pitiless and it does not pardon: how it is made knowing if in the wine cellar of a room a fugitive is hidden, or if the car of the searched ones is last from that road also only five minuteren before?
In Calabria, therefore, the operating ones of the Police enforcements have known those frustrating sense of impotence that, twenty years ago, had learned the Marines Americans who fought in the Viet-Nam 'tangled' jungle searching carefully little Towns whose population supported the Viet Cong.
In Aspromonte, in order to pick in flagrant the criminals, it is necessary to arrive without being be sighted, even decreasing itself from a helicopter, in order then to infiltrate itself in the territory without to make to find own presence: little units that, not leaving traces, will remain to only search carefully a zone also for various days sleeping to the bivouac and feeding themselves of emergency portions.
*Anonymus Calabrian Kidnapping: for same years to Kidnap a rich person was a form of crime very important in Calabria and Sardinia.
'Ndrangheta becomes riches thanx to kidnapping made just to '60's to '90s ( last one in '97). After, the money revenues from Kidnappings, invested in narcotics and that is the reason why 'Ndrangheta considerated, now, the biggest economic criminal international organisation ( more than Sicilian Mafia that leaves that business to Calabrese 'Ndrangheta) by narcotic business.
Now, AsproMonte that can you see in the photo to your right, ( translation is 'Hard-Mountain'), there are no more kidnapping, but only one of most beautiful Italian National Parks: You can go here in summer to make trakking, camping and free camping and in winter, to ski:
calabria map
Calabria Map
(Aspromonte in yellow) 

Now, to visit Calabria is really safe; more than most other parts of Italy or Europe or America; the Calabria's population is one of most hospitals in the world; the traditional products of the earth are very genuines and the cooking and food are fantastic !!!

In the operation You can see in the Carabinieri 'Cacciatori''s video, They takes the last 'Don' of Calabrese's 'ndrangheta : Giuseppe Bellocco, while makes a 'meeting' with his affiliates.
The translation of Carabiniere's words, while He points his automatic rifle are "Who is here? Go up with your hands that I can see well!"
Special thanx to: 'Bunker Africano' the unofficial site of Brigata Paracadutisti Folgore, an Italian site.

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