20 mag 2015

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Italian hand gestures explained video

italian hand gestures explained on video
Berlusconi makes "corna"

Italians are famouses for Our hand gestures.

Italians uses body language and hand gestures to punctuate an expression and give it a shading that the word or phrase itself lacks. Why?
I think that the reasons are many.
One of these is that Italy, only 160 years ago was formed by five big States and others 4-5 more little ones, and languages are very differents ( also on 1300 Dante Alighieri wrote the 'Divina Commedia' also with the hope that it could becomes the only language).

But only in 1861 the language of Dante (Toscano) becomes the truth Italian language

Someone says that tradition of hand gestures becomes from Roman Empire: a body language that all peoples in the Empire understood, more easy than the latin language.
I found a very good video in perfect italian and translated in perfet english language. 

If you see that video, when a day, You'll come in Italy, or when You'll meet your Italian friends, You'll be ready to 'speak' the particular Italian hand gestures: it's easy and very funny!!  
Update: I added a photo of the former Italian prime minister, Mr Berlusconi, who in a meeting between heads of state, made ​​the gesture of "corna" (horns), a very offensive gesture, indicating that a man is betrayed by his wife ; attention: in this case, Mr. Berlusconi, it did so in a playful manner, even if inappropriate, because the gestures, friends, may be considered playful, even if they have a meaning - basic - offensive.
PS: someone says that in Italy, in a easy life ( for example in a street or to buy something) if you know all tips of italian hand gestures You can 'survive perfectly'; I think that thing is right!!

Why Anglo-Saxons people are attracted by the Italian gestures?

According to many scientists, the issue does not end without a doubt the element folkloric gestures-mandolin-coliseum. Gesture is common to all people, but the ones we're talking about are a special category: gestures are called "symbolic", which in a given culture have a meaning and a shared translation. In Italian there are hundreds, are a complex and sophisticated repertoire and have an ancient tradition and convoluted (of Greek origin, according to some, for others developed in opposition to foreign domination). If you add some, then, they are national and other regional only (and others have a different meaning depending on the area) the quagmire becomes even thornier.

The Italian gestural grammar, then, resembles but is not comparable to that of a language for the deaf. If the gesture can, alone, deliver the message in its entirety (without being accompanied by the words), it has the structure of a language independent. They have a lexicon, to understand each other, but not syntax. The meaning, then, always depends on the context. The gesture to move the index and middle fingers in V over her mouth, as mentioned above, it can mean "smoking" or "cigarette" can only be understood from the context. The same goes for the gesture touch with the finger of one hand on the back / wrist of the other, which can mean "what time is it?", Or "too late" and even "hurry up!". How do you understand it? Often it is nullifying the facial expression that accompanies it.

We thanx Mr Tosolini a Good Italian Man lives in U.S. http://youtube.com/user/tosolini

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