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Yuppi Du (Adriano Celentano) lyrics, cast of movie

Yuppi Du - celentano
Yuppi du poster
As I wrote the last year about Celentano Adriano  I love Celentano and his music, but I don't love his movies, considerated very bad or a 'b movie' by criticians.
Now, in Venezia Film Festival ( the film festival created by Mussolini, as CineCittà..), Celentano will present the resturated version with subtitles in english language of Yuppi Du, considerated from Italian criticism, as the "Less bad movie of Celentano
I found an original version in Youtube, very difficult to find that film: there aren't DVD or Videocassettes copies, and in Italian Tv transmitted only 3-4 times, versus the others Celentano's movies, that in Italian television (Mediaset, Berlusconi's Tv) are transimmted many and many times. 
I consider the song Yuppi Du one of most beautiful Italian songs ( writes in english) , but the film... is only a good film, but I don'ty think is a masterpiece, as someone in these days saids...

In that playlist, a part an introducion, of famous ballet with Celentano and Charlotte Rampling, from 2nd to 20nd video you can see all the complete film 'Yuppi Du'.. just to someone will delete it..
Before it will happens, I want said someone about it. Yuppi Du, in 1974 was a very very big success song of Adriano Celentano - as the most part of Celentano's songs- but that one is very different. In these times, in Italy, comes the 'Hippie' stylife. Peace, Love and all things seams possibles. 

The war in Viet-Nam ends in that year and when it did, I remember very well, we were in the church, it was Sunday morning, and the Priest, when said that news. a big applause hearded in all the Church; a very exiting moments...
The film is the Story of a man that, after the die of his wife, to take a mother to his daughter, marry another woman; but problems starts when the 'old mum' retourns..
The film is produced and directed by Celentano; the actors are: Celentano, his wife ( and singer) Claudia Mori, Charlotte Rampling and other friends of Celentano ( called Celentano's clan).
All Story is registred in Venice that is one reasons ( I think) that film will presented to the Venice Festival Film.
Upload in dec 2011: YouTube deleted that version, I found only one with no subt., sorry...

  • Country Italy
  • Year 1975
  • Duration 125 min (105 min reassembled version)
  • color color
  • audio sound
  • Genre: Musical
  • Directed by Adriano Celentano
  • Subject Alberto Silvestri
  • Written by Adriano Celentano, Miki Del Prete, Alberto Silvestri
  • Photography Alfio Contini
  • Mounting Adriano Celentano
  • Music Adriano Celentano
  • Scenography Giantito Burchiellaro

Cast and characters
  1. Adriano Celentano: Felice Della Pietà
  2. Charlotte Rampling: Silvia Della Noce
  3. Claudia Mori: Adelaide
  4. Gino Santercole: Napoleone
  5. Memmo Dittongo: Scognamillo
  6. Lino Toffolo: Nane
  7. Pippo Starnazza: Uomo anziano nel bar di Milano
  8. Domenico Seren Gay: Amante di Silvia
  9. Rosita Celentano: Monica Della Pietà
  10. Sonia Viviani: Fidanzata di Napoleone
  11. Carla Brait: Cameriera di colore
  12. Jack La Cayenne: Mimo

Lyrics Yuppi du:

  • yuppi du yuppi du
  • yuppi du
  • yuppi du i du
  • yuppi du
  • there's a fragrance
  • of love in the air
  • it's penetrating far
  • deep in my heart
  • land the starwas
  • reborn in the sky
  • and it die the day
  • she went away
  • yuppi du yuppi du
  • yuppi du
  • yuppi du i du
  • yuppi du
  • yuppi du yuppi du
  • yuppi du
  • yuppi du i du
  • yuppi du
  • i feel the sound of
  • a thousand colours
  • wich paint
  • this scene
  • this act of love
  • i hear the music
  • that comes from
  • the 

  • water
  • that rises from
  • bowels of the heart
  • yuppi du yuppi du
  • yuppi du
  • yuppi du i du
  • yuppi du
  • yuppi du yuppi du
  • yuppi du
  • yuppi du i du
  • yuppi du
  • now before
  • me a cemetary
  • do i see
  • where all the arms
  • of war are
  • buried deep
  • and from the heaven
  • descends
  • a grand feast
  • where all the
  • nations of the
  • world are united
  • yuppi du yuppi du
  • yuppi du
  • yuppi du i du
  • yuppi du
  • yuppi du yuppi du
  • yuppi du
  • yuppi du i du
  • yuppi du

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