25 set 2008

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Equipe 84 Italian band

Equipe 84
Equipe 84
Probably the most famous Italian 'Beat Group', the only one that in 1964 the Beatles in an interview knows about Italian young groups.
With a long career began with the first 45 laps in '64, the Equipe 84 continued to play until the mid-'70's also had a brief period vaguely influenced progressive.
The quartet sounds from Modena was for the Young Italian response to the Beatles, and the team had a long list of individual success between 1966 and 1969 with some songs that after becomes 'classics' such as "Ho in mente Te" (I have in mind You); Auschwitz; Bang bang; Sept, 29 (exit also in English in USA and England); "Un Angelo Blu" (A Blue Angel); "Tutta Mia la Città" (My Whole City ).
Some of the best Equipe song's wrote by Mogol and Battisti , Guccini or 'takes' to others international Groups
But Equipe '84 didn't means in Italy only music.
They were music icons, as Maurizio Vandelli (voice, guitar and group leader) sometimes saids; as You can see in the photo above, They dressed in a very particulare way, and as 'icons' Italian teenagers follows Them and Their fashion.
We can said that Equipe 84 was the first Italian 'Hippy Band', also if Hippy stylife comes in Italy only after Woodstook, when in Us the phenomenon is ending.

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  1. In realtà "Io ho in mente te" è la versione italiana di "You Were On My Mind"


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