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Vinicio Capossela writer and songwriter

Vinicio Capossela
Vinicio Capossella
VINICIO CAPOSSELA is a writer and song-writer; for someone one of best Italian song-writer talents in life. His music seams becomes from Tom Wayts and Paolo Conte, the texts are very excellent. Never the sames, as a all big writers the contents can to be poetics or funny, or politics or about love. He born in Hanoover ( Germany ) in '65, from Italian parents; after some studies He went to New York to play piano in pubs and night-clubs; he has only 20 years old when meets Francesco Guccini, one of most important italian song-writer politically engaged ( left); thanx to that meeting he pubblish his first work, after that is only successes. Now Capossela lives in Milan just from more 20 years ago. 

Vinicio Capossela becomes famouse in Italy in 1990, after his first album pubblished: "All'una e trentacinque circa" , an album where We can find some of his big success, as "Che cos'è l'amor" '94 ( swing, mambo, twist and tango ) It's that music-mix that I love and the soun of big musical success of Vinicio Capossela. In many of his songs that incredible 'mix' is together poems and that's the best of his production. I choose for You the 14 best of his songs. I hope You'll enjoin its!

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