20 giu 2015

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Giusy Ferreri Italian songs bio

Giusy Ferreri Italian songs bio
Giusy Ferreri.
Giusy Ferreri is the New Italian Music Phenomenon.
Only latest years also in Italy starts the X Factor, the music reality show very similar to 'American Idol'.
I quickly understand the importance of that event for all Italian Music World and the last year I opened a blog: X Factor Blog, in Italian language to follow complete show.
The Tv Show, didn't has a big success in the first months, but...
The Talent Show, started in February 2008, and in March arrives Giusy Ferreri an easy girl 27 old years, from Milan, with a very special voice.
When I heard her for the first time, I was very excited: She has a very big talent
In all the Tv Show the Authors suggests to Her to sing as Winehouse, and Giusy did it ( She can sing in a very similary mode) , but Giusy is also a song-writer and can to sing also in different modes. 
Giusy Ferreri arrives only second, but Her song " Non ti scordar mai di me" ( Don't forget me), the album with same name, with other covers sung in the Tv Show, has had the most selled that summer, for many many weeks, more than Madonna or Vasco Rossi.
Now, the next 14 November, She'll publish her second album 'Gaetana' - Her real name-, but Yesterday she publish Novembre ( November) a very good song, ( the first video that follow that article) a sort of funky that can dance it; a story of love and music; Her story. Words and Music mixed very well and sound is great as You can enjoin it.
After new song 'Novembre', I add a playlist with all Giusy Ferreri's songs, sungs while She partecipate to X Factor 2008.
When the album will be publish I'll add the other songs in that same post.

Update 2015: Giusy Ferreri has returned to be very successful in the summer of 2015, with the song "Rome - Bangkok", in collaboration with the Italian singer rapper Baby K.
Giusy had long tried to resume the success of 2008 and 2007, but could not. Now, finally it is the first in the sales charts Italian.

Novembre, Giusy Ferreri

    Giusy Ferreri at X Factor 2008

    Giusy Ferreri songs ( Discography):


    1. Il party


    1. Non ti scordar mai di me
    2. Novembre


    1. Stai fermo lì
    2. La scala (The Ladder)
    3. Ma il cielo è sempre più blu
    1. Come pensi possa amarti
    2. Il mare verticale
    3. Ciao amore ciao
    4. Ciao amore ciao (con Luigi Tenco)
    5. Rivincita (con Marracash)
    1. Il mare immenso
    2. Piccoli dettagli 47
    3. Noi brave ragazze
    4. Nessuno poteva non sapere (con Alessandro Haber, Enzo Gragnaniello, Giuliano Sangiorgi e Phil Palmer)
    1. Che senso ha (con Alessandro Haber)
    1. Roma Bangkok ( in collaborazione con Baby K.)

    5 commenti:

    1. I've heard to this girl singing, and she seems to be a total Amy Winehouse rip-off, with no talent at all... I hope italian music will be better than this!

    2. Just your opinion anonymous , i think she has a unique aggressive voice and at least she hasn't destroyed her life yet .

    3. Just your opinion (not fighting at all) but I think Giusy has a very unique , aggressive voice and ... at least she hasn't yet destroyed her life.

    4. Thanks to all for opinions, but now Giusy seems to want change her voice

    5. Giusy Ferreri é sempre una bella figa


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