26 ott 2008

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Mafia music Italian Songs, Video

mafia music italian songs
The Musolino Bandit

Mafia culture made, in the years, also it songs.

In Italy,  mafia's songs are not famouses, only in the sub-culture of prisons are plays, but in America are very famous, also for a Tv serial of '70's in Us tv's that talks about Italian mafia.

I found many of these songs in YouTube and I made a playlist that You can enjoin it here:
If You want to know more about the "Truth story of Italian mafia in Italy" You can go here to read it, and here for more about Sicilian mafia music

The photo in the top of that article is Musolino, a bandit, a real legend in Calabria
The famouse story of Musolino in Italian and in english language

Mafia Music on that video Playlist

  1. Innocente carcercatu 
  2. Hanno ammazzato o compari turiddu 
  3. Briganti 
  4. Omaggio ai briganti del regno delle 2 Sicilie

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  2. Thanx for your very Informative Blog, both written, videos and links.
    Music is quite a big part of my life, especially International music, and i find Italian music with very story based lyrics and full of romanticism...........



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