31 ott 2008

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When Italy survived Gaddafi life

Italian Empire
Italian Empire
15 April, 1986. Ronal Reagan starts the "El Dorado Canyon"; a bombimg in Lybia, it forces and it Boss: Col. Gaddafi.
For many years, just to '90's Lybia politic supports and helps the islamic (from Palestine) terrorism.
U.S. considers for many years that Country as a 'Terroristic Country' and in '86 Reagan answers the payment af all that things

Lybia was a part of Italian Empire just from 1911 to 1945, at the end of IInd WW; and commercial partnership with Lybia are very good just today: Italy bought gas and oil, Lybia bought technologies and ( now) also quotes of Best Italian Companies as Fiat, Telecom and partecipes in Bank of Italy.
Former Italian Prime Minister, Giulio Andreotti provided us with a good explanation that week for the escape.
In 1986 the Italian Prime Minister was Bettino Craxi; He had forewarned Gaddafi of the attack. “Yes, that American attack was an improper initiative,” said Andreotti, “and I believe that Italy warned Libya about it.”

There have been many speculations how the Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi managed to escape the American bombing of his Bab al Aziziya compound on April 15th, 1986: now , and historic searchers can said to has a truth about that secret story of Cold War.
Italy sonsiderated by some US ' presidents the 'aircraft of Mediterraneo Sea"; one of most strategic Country of all Europe; that thing is demonstrateof Roman Empire after and Vatican State later: 2.500 years where power and influence in the 'Old Continent'

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