29 nov 2008

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italian hero
Italian hero
An Italian Chef joined soldiers battling militants at a Mumbai hotel to bring milk to his wife and infant daughter who were trapped during the sieg. Lattanzi Emanuele, from Naples, a city that needs heroes. The Italian media takes quikly that story : He was working in the kitchen on Wednesday night when gunmen entered the Oberoi, one of 10 sites attacked across Mumbai.
The restaurant staff and customers managed to escape through an emergency exit, but the chef soon realized his wife and daughter had been left behind because they were asleep in their room. "I found myself outside the Oberoi and I immediately called my wife, who was still inside; they wouldn't let me in, there was nothing I could do".
As the siege of the hotel continued for two days, Lattanzi received frantic text messages from his wife, who said she had no more milk to feed the child. The cook pleaded to be let in with some powdered milk.
"They let me in (Friday) morning, covered by these soldiers" Lattanzi told Italian's journalists. "They escorted me to the door of the child's room".
The Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Fratini told about "courageous act"; and all Italian media presented as that.
We know Italian men; many of tem would do the same thing of neapolitan Chef, but Naples needs of Heroes, we're happy that now, the chef is an Hero. The terrorist attac is end. 200 dies in that terrible days; many tourists, terrorists comes from Pakistan? Many of Them seems comes from Great Britain; some intelligent talks about British's citizens of pakistani origins.. but now, is too early for to saids where they comes, who they are, and why did that terrible attac. After 60 hours of guerrilla, the time will takes the answers.

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