1 nov 2008

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Internet in Italy

Internet in Italy
In '90's Telecom , (the Italian telephon statal monopoly company) becomes private and sells its rates in MiBTel, the "Italian Stock Exchange".

The success is big: in 60 years Sip (the old name) cabled big part of Italy and is the propriety; other telephone operators must to rent the cables to offer their services. The result of that agreement is the hight cost of services and the low speed of Dsl in Italy ( 1,8 MB medium) .
To cable Italy is very hard: mountains, hills, too many little Towns: all seems to have problems and to do hight costs, (as to build a railways..); if internet and Dsl comes in Italy at the same moment of others industrial Countries, only in the last 4-5 years Dsl is ready to use in 90-99% of territory.
These dates helps to understand the big possibilities of Italian internet users to work, to develop services and to make new ideas in web2.0 .
The Italian Industry made by 50% by Individual or Familiar boards and a big part of its hasn't a business site
Italian Blogs increase 70-80% its number in the last year, and We thinks the Italian culture, politics and bad things can changes with internet contamination, in the respect of the best italian traditions that made Italy one of most loved Country in the World.

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