23 nov 2008

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Massimo Ranieri songs bio

massimo ranieri
Massimo Ranieri
MASSIMO RANIERI borns in Naples on 1951, in a poor family with 8 brothers. He real name is Giovanni Calone, and has only 14 years when starts to work. With others works, He sings the traditional Neapolitan songs for the American's tourists that comes in Naples. A musician Producer sees him and goes together in America, with name 'Gianni Rock'.
Massimo Ranieri starts to earn money and studies as singer. In '66, and, after, in '67 partecipated in some Italian music Festivals, as Canzonissima and Sanremo, of course, where He has the first successes.
hated the traditional pop music, as all Italian's teenagers, in '70's, hated all traditions!!
A part that, Massimo Ranieri has a really, extraordinary talent. After to sing some of more beautiful italian pop songs, He works as an Actor; now, We can called Massimo Ranieri a big Singer and a big Actor, for theatre, television and cinema, and a big interpreter of Neapolitan traditions.

Massimo Ranieri songs in the video playlist above:
  1. Perdere l'amore
  2. La Voce del Silenzio
  3. Se Bruciasse La Città ( Canzonissima 1969 )

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