27 nov 2008

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Vladimir Luxuria, 43 years old, an Italian's Transgender, ex member of Italian Parliament, elected in Communist Party (2005-'07), wins the most important reality show in Rai, the pubblic Italian Telévision. reality Tv Show.
The Tv show is a'reality'; called "L'Isola dei Famosi" as (Celebrity Survivor) that in Italy, from the 2001 is the most important reality Tv show and the ( most viewed), second only to Sanremo Music Fest.
The victory was possible by, votes of Italian's people.

That easy thing is very important for Italian's Gay community and Italian's Transgender . In Italy, if a person borns transgender, is impossible for Her, to find a normal work; the future is only one: the prostitution, or an embed life..
Italy, is the Country where is Vaticano. Also if the religion is not too praticates, also if the media shows girls naked, also if in many beachs topless is free, Transgenders are taboo, as the omosexuality ( in little part) . A Gay isn't truth accepted from other persons, also if there are good laws, there are too many old and bad traditions
We hope that thing, will be to open-mind event for all Italian Society, and will be a new hope to life by all Italian's Transgenders

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