15 dic 2008

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best christmas holiday gift
Happy Christmas
Hi to all the World. I have a new italo-american friend. He doesn't speak Italian language and He is a 'Perfect American', with Italian parents. He loves italian culture - and italian girls - and every times He answer to me 'how is the Italian 'stylife'... What is one of 'more important gift for an Italian boy-friend or an Italian girl-friend in Dec?'
A part every 'material things' that You can 'donate', a very important gift is... a phon, yes: an easy 'ring'!!

But a very special 'ring'... 
As you know in Italy 'Thanksgiving Day' doesn't exists... it's a typicall american holyday!! But Christmas is very important? Not for all... Crhistmas is important to give a gift to a kid, or to a boy, in Italy there is 'a said': "Christmas with Yours (family) and Easter with who You wants".. (Natale con i Tuoi e Pasqua con chi Vuoi"..) . 
If in America a man works in Alaska makes a big trip to go to his family in New York, the same thing in Italy happens in Christmas day: it's very important to be with your family, expecially if You have kids...
When we saids 'Easter' We means all others fests, holidays, and one of more important fest in Italy is 'the end of he year', the night of 31 december. A big dinner with friends, at 24,00 the tipically firejokes and just to sunup ( the first sunup of the year) in discoteques or.. with Your love to attend the first day of the new year. But if You are very distant?
Now there aren't problems: in Italy there are more cells for habitants that in other World's Countries; we loves its!... 

And a ring at 24,00, in 12-31 to said: ' I love You' is one of more appreciate things that You can do.. but if You don't do it.... It means doesn't love her/him !! It's a sort of tragedy; Don't forget it !!

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  1. Non so come mai hai cancellato il commento al mio post sui giardinetti...mi dispiace non poter leggere qualcosa che poteva essere speciale.

    se ritorni, lascia pure quello che scrivi.

    a presto, spero...


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