29 dic 2008

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Ornella Vanoni songs bio

Ornella Vanoni profile
Ornella Vanoni
ORNELLA VANONI has been one of most important Italian 70's Star-Singers.
Ornella Vanoni borns in 1934 from a rich Milan's family; She was very young when goes to "Giorgio Strehler School of Theatre' in Milan, the best one in Italy to these years.
Giorgio Strehler became her boy-friend and helps to her start sing.
Ornella Vanoni was a very beautiful girl, comes from a good and 'snob' Milan family, with a good voice.

She meets Gino Paoli in 1960, the Italian song-writer, and Ornella, became one of his muses.  
In the last '60's and in all '70's Ornella Vanoni wasn't only a singer; She was an Italian style icon

Her dresses and her hair copied by many Italian women that seen in Ornella 'the Perfect Italian woman of XXIst century..
I never loved Vanoni's voice, but I really loved her songs, in fatc Ornella Vanoni sung the best Italian love songs of 70's.
The stories that she has had with Gino Paoli and Strehler add to her big fame, she was always in gossip news; and that is my opinion to understand the big success of Ornella Vanoni in all '70's.
I made a video playlist with 15 Vanoni's success. 

I choose the most old songs, that shows the beauty of Ornella and her powerful voice

Ornella Vanoni songs in the video playlist above:
  1. Tristezza
  2. Vai Valentina
  3. Ti lascio una canzone - Gino Paoli e Ornella vanoni
  4. Ornella Vanoni e Paolo Fresu - Vedrai, vedrai
  5. Come si fa
  6. Gli amanti
  7. Io che amo solo te
  8. Insieme a te non ci sto più
  9. Ricorda

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