7 gen 2009

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Roy Paci italian trumpet
Roy Paci
ROY PACI is the biggest trumpet and jazzman living, in Italy .
Roy Paci, borns in Sicily on '69; trumpet, author and "head arrangement" maker; He recorded 390 music albums an played with many Word's Music Stars.
Roy Paci starts to sing piano when was a child, and when he was 10 years old, starts to play trumpet. Only 3 years later, he is the first trumpet of Augusta's City Band, Whith his big talent, Roy goes to play jazz with many Sicilian's Jazz groups.
To plays in many differents groups and in many Countries is the secret of that musician: His fame in Italian's world music is big and many music Stars wants the trumpet of Roy Paci's trumpet in theirs live concerts.
In '90 he went in Argentina where plays trumpet with many groups, he goes also in others Countries of South America, after in Senegal, Caribbean, North Europe, in many Music Festivals: in all Countries Roy plays music with different groups, while the 'sound' of these Countries influences Roy's music.
He partecipates also in many music projects as Amnesty International, Emergency; but also in Tv's shows, in movies' soundtracks, and other things.
These experiences and collaborations influenced Roy Paci's music: jazz, caribbean, african melodies, mambo, reggae, rock-folk, ska, traditional italian folk, and now, what is that 'kind of music'? That kind of music called "World Music".
A tipical song of Roy Paci is "Toda joia toda beleza", (n.1 of the video playlist), a big success of last summer...

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