4 gen 2009

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Italy a strategic Country in Europe
How can do Italy do be ally with Israel , and, at same time to be friend of Palestine?
Also in that bad situation of these hours, Italy doesn't keeps a clear position versus the Isrel's bombing in Gaza territories, also if Italy is a Palestine's friend just to many times, that one for a secret accord from '70's.
In '70's Italian's State was on war, an embed war versus Red Italian Terrorism: "Red Brigades" ( Brigate Rosse), that war was hightest in '78, when red Brigades knidapped the Italian Prime Minister, Aldo Moro.
In that times Palestinian's terrorists is the only Arab's terrorism in the world. The only real problems in Middle-East was between Israel and Palestine.
At same time, in Europe, was another 'embed war': the cold war between Usa and Ussr, and Italy was a battle's camp.

For the big strategic importance of Italian territory, in Europe and in Mediterraneo, in fact, Usa has the command of VIst flot in Naples, the most important base of submarines in Sardinia and for Air Forces has Aviano in North Italy and Sigonella in Sicily; bases payed, in part by Italian State (Italian Citizens with them taxes) ...
That is only an example to understand the importance of Italy in Mediterranean Sea, the same reason Rome becomes an Empire, two thousand years ago..
Now, We can understnd that in all '70's, when the cold war was very hard, Italy becomes a State full of secret agencies, but Italian Goverments, how can to do for gives the maxim defence to Italian citizens? Italian Goverments, first of all with secret agreements with White House, ( the first ally of Italy), with others many secret agreements choose, also if Italy is an active part of Atlantic Pact, to be 'neutral'. The accord with OLP, ( Organization for Freedom in Palestine) was that: OLP terrorist didn't made attempt in Italy and Italian Goverment will gives humanity helps (to palestinian population) and diplomatical support on ONU, about palestinian humanity causes.
That kind of politics Italian secrets agencies payed with lifes of many agents ( Argo 16's secrets).
That is the Italian Politics just to these days, in Middle East.

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