29 apr 2009

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Gipsy won italian Big Brother
Big Brother Italian version
Ferdi is the name of the last winner of Big Brother Italian edition.
He is a Gipsy,
His victory - writes the Guardian - arrives at a time Gypsies are under pressure without precedent since the authorities that, in different parts of Italy, destroys their camps.
Italians are always very care to the social issues, with a rooted Catholic culture, We are and us involve, as demonstrated great solidarity with the Abruzzo's earthquake event.

Only few weeks ago, in the Italian's media, before the emergency "earthquake" there was the Romani peoples, the great "enemy" come from outside to steal.
won the italian Big Brother
because it has moved its difficult history, arrival in rubber in Italy, His father that forces him to beg.
He hit the meeting as a big surprise when his sister, that not saw for years, undoubtedly represented at ìstate of the art' from reality tv art director of the 'House'.

Ferdi did not win because represents Gypsy culture, he represents the different becomes as Us, an Italian.
Alien who arrives in Italy and takes the Italian culture, falls in love with a girl, becomne her boyfriend, becomes an Italian case.
The victory of Ferdy to Big Brother is not a message of social peace Italians, but it is addressed to the Romani people: become like us and life will be the winners.
If had been a zingaro ( a dispregiative way to call Romani) with recognizable, strokes it would have eliminated immediately.
We can said - in part- the same thing for the winner of 'The isle of the famouses', the oher reality Tv show of last summer; the Transgender, in fact, was more 'puritan' then others players, and that thing was been the 'goal' with he/she won the reality show.

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  1. There are many Gypsies in Sardinia. Their lifestyle is very different from anything I've ever seen, but they are a phenomena that has existed thousands of years. I would have liked to see the Italian version of 'Big Brother' to have seen the dynamics within this particular house hold.


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