6 apr 2009

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earthquake's l'aquila abruzzi Italy center
Only six hours ago, at 03,30 a.m. hour (local hour) on L'Aquila, the town capital of Abruzzi, a region in the south-middle of Italy an earthquake 6.3 Richter scale - as You can see in the photo below; thanks to 'Osservatorio Vesuviano" ( near Vesuvio Vulcan, Naples) - for 30 seconds the ground quaked.
The epicentre, three miles (5km) below the city of L'Aquila in the Apennine Mountains and for the moment official dies are 31.

Italy, after the big earthquakes at last of '70's in Trentino and in '80's in Campania and Irpinia, Goverment made a new method for to help peoples in case of big tragedies, that new organization called "Protezione Civile".
Protezione Civile is a sort of Civil Defense, but that organization isn't for war time, but made for to help peoples when happen earthquakes, floods and others similar disasters) and it boss, Guido Bertolaso saids: "This earthquake is the biggest problem after the year 2000 in Italy".
Abruzzo is a little region in the middle of Italy and the news saids all streets and highways that connects Italy South with Italy North closed.
They doesn't saids when the highways will be opens, but the warning is: don't start a trip today ( and tomorrow) just to the streets will be avaiables.
If will has important news will post its quikly!
Earthquake abruzzo aquila italy
Earthquake in Italy: Live in Italian Tv

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  1. Writing from San Francisco, we are very sad to hear about the earthquake in Italy and our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected in Italy. Can you tell me if the earthquake was felt in Perugia, how it felt, and if there was any damage to the beautiful city?

  2. Thank you. I am delighted to hear Perugia is safe from the earthquake. I will read the Perugia blog.
    Grazie! Ciao.


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