8 apr 2009

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While I'm writing, only 36h. after the L'Aquila's earthquake, Earthquake in Italy, Civil Protecion 7,500 persons of Civil Protecion are in the places to help a population of 28,000 people without homes, that now, thanks to them can sleep in a bed and eat cooked food; a big example of organization and solidariety of my Country that make me proud as Italian.
Before the biggest shockwave of 3,30 a.m. on monday morning made the big disaster in L'Aquila, any units of Protezione Civile were in the place, alerted from the headquartiers of Civil Protection, after 2-3 months of littles and frequently 'mini earthquakes', the most part registrated only by sismic devices make fear in the population of that little area of Abruzzo, in the middle south of the Italy.

The Italian Civil Protection National service borns after the national tragedy of Friuli's earthquake on last '70's, where has been 2,500 dies.
In that evil event, thousands of volunteers from all Italian's regions: from Sicily, Calabria, Sardinia, but also from all others regions, went in Friuli to help the population. In many cases the volunteers hadn't devices for to work and they worked only with their hands, that thing is only a sample of confusion that in these cases can happen with thousand persons wants to help but there isn't an organization.
The Civil Italian Protection National Service (renewed on '92) consists of central and peripheral State administrations, Regions, Provinces, municipalities, national and territorial public agencies, and any other
public and private institution and organisation present on the national territory. The President of the Council of Ministers provides for the co-ordination of the National Service and the promotion of civil protection activities through the Civil Protection Department
the series of actions and activities put forward by a country in order to protect human lives, goods, settlements and the environment from damages or from the danger of damages deriving from natural calamities, catastrophes and other disastrous events.
Red Cross (where the biggest part are volunteers), Firemen, Italian Police, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Italian Army, Guardia Forestale, local Polices, and many others civil (volunteers) organizations from the most big and important as the Caritas (Catholics, a religious organization), to the littles, before to do something must to attend the Civil Protecion commands.
I think the Italian Civil Protecion could becomes a model for others Countries.
When I saw the disaster of New Orleans for example, I didn't believe what I see: the helps to the population comes only a too many days after that announcing tragedy, only for a bad organization of rescues.
I think with an useful Civil Protection as we have in Italy, that tragedy, with all these dies, didn't comes.
That is a Pdf document , a brochure where You can find many informations about the Italian Civil Protecion National Service;
I hope it will be useful.

Italian Civil protection national service info

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