7 apr 2009

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235 dies; 1,500 injuried; 15,000 persons without an home, but also 150 persons under the collapsed houses saved by rescue teams of Civil Protection ( police, army and volunteers); now, after 48h to the shock, datas are definitives about the L'Aquila's earthquake.
That earthquake is particular: the point of the shock is 6Km. below the ground: it means only a little piece of country damaged, but the damages are very bigs, in that little area where is the town of L'Aquila, with it 60,000 habitants and its 700 years old...

Anothere strange thing is that the earthquake starts 3 months ago to tremble every days with little shockwaves; that one permitted to Protezione Civile to be ready before the big shokwave of Monday morning at 3.30 a.m.
L'Aquila is closed.
The most part of buildings are damageds; anyone because was old and anyone because the builders made a bad work ( and now, Italian justice open a new case against those persons).
The little earthquakes still plays and is very danger to enter in the houses or to walk in the streets.
A good thing is that ALL PEOPLES that lose Their homes can to sleep in tents, to eat hot cooked and goes in one of undreds of Hotels to 100 km. from L'Aquila, the hotels in the beaches of Adriatic sea, a touristic area, of course all for free and just to their homes will be avaiables, all thanks to the Italian Civil Protecion - borns after the big earthquake in North Italy of 1978, and one of most organized for that things in all the world -.
A big problem will be the re-build, but also the reparation of Artistic Church damaged by earthquake.
Italy's looking for sponsors - Countries of Companies - for example yesterday and Italian Bank "Monti dei Paschi di Siena" founded on 1.200, will pays to rebuild an important artistic church in the center of L'Aquila.
An Italian researcher - that lives in L'Aquila - Giuliani predicted that earthquake.
The notice is thruth and would be a great discovery and to change the earthquake's science.
Mr. Giuliani uses an old experimental method that he personally customised: to observe the radon gas; a radiactive gas lives many miles underground: just to 1969 while an earthquake's running, the radon percent onair was increased: that thing started many studies, but still now that method isn't considerated accuracy, still now...
The problem, for that researcher is hasn't a degree... it means that mr. Giuliani is a 'self made researcher' never studied in an university and that thing in Italy is very important: if you saidd to discover something without to have a degree you're not serious and when mr. Giuliani had warned a major earthquake was on the way the 29 March and it isn't, his forecasts were dismissed as false alerts.
Authorities failed to heed the warnings, arguing that tremors can’t be predicted with any degree of accuracy. Those raising the alarm were even dubbed “idiots” by Italy’s head of Civil Protection and criticised for spreading panic.
In Italy, on 60 millions of habitants, 20 millions lives on the earthquakes' areas, as you can see in the map of Italy where the earthquake's areas are in red .
For more info and solidariety go to Protezione Civile (the only right way to send your money, for me.
Stay tuned for next update from L'Aquila Earthquake
Civil Protection in Italy's earthquake
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