23 apr 2009

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X Factor 2009 Italian edition

X Factor italian version
X Factor
Sunday, April, 19 was the last episode of X FACTOR 2009, 2nd edition of the Italian Version of that talent-scout music show.
I write a Blog for Italian Blogosphère about it and that year I didn't like too much the new singers, only a teeager; his name is Daniele Magro, comes from Catania, Sicily and I called him "The black voice of Sicily",
Daniele, infact, doens't sungs the traditional italian melodic songs, but the blues and the ritm'n blues and his voice is similar to Anastasia, You know?
But that Year there is also a surprise.
The surprise is called "Bastard sons of Dioniso", a group comes from Friuli, - the more North-west italian region -, Their sound is a sort of rock grounge and with Their's style reinterprets the most famouses italian songs. They wins the critic's premium of that year and arrived to the second place on X Factor contest.
The winner of X Factor 2009 is Matteo Becucci, a singer 38 year old that sings with a very powerful voice melodic rock and traditional Italian songs.
3rd classified is Jury, another young man 22 years old, a good song-writer.
The best thing of that new tv show is could be a possibilty to change the bad italian culture of nepotism, We can find it also in the music contests as Sanremo...

The most enemy of Italy, as I always write, isn't terrorism or the climate, but is the bad tradition of nepotism that too much time becomes corruption, and in some places mafia and organized crime.
If the italian stylife is considerated one of the best in the world, as the love for the family; the respect for the others peoples of every race, condition and religion; the loves for good cooking and the real friendship, the nepotism that comes from old culture of middle-ages is the cancer of our society, if You borns in a poor family without important friend you'll never has the chance to have a good work, or, if you find a work, after year you'll never makle a good career.
The Suprème Italian Court saids - only one year ago - "Nepotism is illegal"...
X Factor Tv's show is making a little revolution: who comes in the final episode are only singers with big talent and that's the 'x factor of success' of that Music-Tv's show!
In the videos at your left 3 unpublished songs: 1st of Bastards, the 2nd video is the winner Matteo Becucci and 3rd Jury

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