24 mag 2009

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Anna Maria Castelli Singer and Actress vIdeo

Anna Maria Castelli italian singer
Anna Maria Castelli

Anna Maria Castelli is an Italian singer and actress. 

She borns in Naples and lived in Swizerland, she is unknows in Italy, but I'm writing about her for her formidables voice.
A voice of 40 years old female, very sensual, a tipical voice of woman that 'lived' her life...
She starts to sing jazz music in '96-'97, but is only in 2002 wins prize music Europe with "Opera Tango", always in 2002 is the protagonist of the absolute world premiere of the novel work made for voice singer and recitante and orchestra from the great poet and French composer Léo Ferré:  "L'Opera du Pauvre" with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra direct by the master Massimo Lambertini.
In the last days, Anna Maria Castelli recorded a new CD, with 9 songs dedicated to 9 stories of Mediterraneo's Sea, that new CD is just on sell and when will can, we will add many songs in that video playlist.
I hope you'll enjoin it!! 

Maria Castelli has directed
  1. Versilia Jazz Festival (ex Summer Jazz in Forte) – Premio Musica Europa from 2000 to 2008
  2. Isabella – Network Internazionale Donne in Arte”
  3. Festival Musiche Salve (Teatro Politeama di Bra – Cuneo)
  5. Note di Tango Festival 2009 (Teatro Politeama Pratese)
Facebook Page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Anna-Maria-Castelli/190203051139 

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  1. I'm very happy to receive that good review from a musician!!!


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