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Marcella and Gianni Bella songs bio, video

Gianni Bella is the brother of Marcella Bella and is an extraordinary music author and songwriter from Catania, Sicily  A short bio: 
Borns in '46 is the brother of MARCELLA BELLA, the famous singer, more younger then Ganni for only 6 years.
In 1965 Marcella wins
the Festival of the Ariccia, alternating exhibition organised by Teddy Rhine, unknown but the victory not them is validated as it has only thirteen years, two in less of those provided for in the regulation of the competition!
In the latst of '60's Marcella and Gianni Bella goes to Milan, where it was the 'center of italian music world', to play music , but is only with "Montagne verdi", an extraordinary song wrote also by Gianni Bella and sung by Marcella Bella in the Sanremo's music Festival. they becomes famouses for all Italian pubblic.
1972-'73 are many lucky years for Marcella Bella: she sings many good songs, wrote by her brother and also by Lucio Battisti; in the video playlist add some 'back and white' music videos that can understand you the 'style' of Marcella, a good and lucky style.
I remember well her songs that for many years, in summer, was a success for these two Bella's brothers.

Marcella continues o sing, bt, a part of the son 'Nell'aria', a sort of sexy song' that has a big success she didn't has the same success of early '70's, also if shw sings he songs wrote by her brother Gianni.
Gianni Bella has more success than his sister to write songs.
Sometimes, when a singer plays a good song, we can see that is wrote by Gianni Bella ( I add many video with songs wrote by Gianni and sung by others Singers) ; we can saids he becomes one of most important italian music authors.
In the photo at right, a recent image of Bella's brothers on Sanremo

Marcella and  Gianni Bella songs bio, video

Marcella Bella and Gianni bella, 2 music brothers:

Marcella Bella and Gianni bella songs in the playlist above:

  1. Marcella Bella Io domani
  2. Marcella Bella, nessuno mai
  3. Marcella Bella, sole che nasce sole che muore
  4. Marcella Bella - Io vivrò senza te
  5. Marcella Bella - Canto straniero
  6. Gianni Bella - Non Si Può Morire Dentro
  7. Gianni Bella - "Questo amore non si tocca" (08/03/1981)