23 mag 2009

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Violence rome football team
The reason why to play the final of European Footbal Champion League in Rome is very danger, is very easy, but I didn't read in sports news: it's too many easy for many medias?
In these days ,I read many articles in sports news, as I said before, but I didn't read the most important event, where and when the hate between Italian and English football supporters borns...

1985: Heysel Stadium Disaster ( link to wikipedia): 37 italian supporters died: in that moment borns, in the mind of all italians ( expecially in the minds of italian's supporters, called 'ultras' ) a very big hate for all english football supporters; it isn't important if these supporters are from London or from another english's town.

They are english's football supporters, and for the years later the tragedy of Heysel, all italian medias ( now they hide these things, of course...) talks about them as beasts; animals parched of blood organised to make bad thinghs...
I'm not a footbal supporter: I went in a stadium only 3-4 times (and only when the enter was for free), but I know very well friends that are 'ultras' or only easy footbaal fans, they things - or the most part ot Them - the same thing: the English's supporter' football are very dangers!!!
I don't know for many years that thing will rests in the minds of italian's supporters, but 37 dies are too many to forget Them only 25 years later...
The best thing to do is don't to meet italian and english supporters for others 20 years, after that, we could discuss about it, but to play the final of Champions League in Rome, is too danger, and a stupid thing to do, but we knows the money is the money, and the "Show must go on"...!!!
To Know more about Italian fooball supporters: "The Ultras"

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