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Tony Renis songs of Italian singer and Producer

Tony Renis - pseudonym of Elio Cesari, borns in Milan, 1938; is a singer-songwriter, actor and Italian music producer.

In mid '60's, Tony Renis exhibits in the night clubs in Milan and later in the "avanspettacolo" of the Milan greater with Adriano Celentano, his best friend just to They were two childrens, in the imitation theatres - very funny- respectively Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis...
In 1961 debuts at the Festival of Sanremo, but is not admitted in the final.
The following year recurds with the song "Quando quando quando". The song not won, but ago around the world and it will record in hundreds of versions by interpreters of various nationalities.
After that, a big desire of Tony Renis was to propose to Mina, his great friend since the inception, a story that some time houses in the tray, but it is safe to turn into an international success if interpreted by the right entry. 

The song is "Grande grande grande", and Mina will one of the greatest successes of her career. Abroad, with the title never never, never interprets by Shirley Bassey and, after many years, by Celine Dion on Duet with Luciano Pavarotti, with the title I hate you then I love you.

Tony Renis songs of Italian singer and Producer
Tony Renis, Sanremo 1962
In the early of '70's Tony moves in the United States, first in New York and then in Los Angeles. Know Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Frank Sinatra.
In 1978 the Warner Bros.  proposes to ride the wave of disco recording with a new arrangement his horse in battle "Quando quando quando (Disco Quando).
Meanwhile, during his stay in the United States, it exhibits Las Vegas as a singer, becomes record producer writes music for films becoming one of the most famous Italian of America (is nicknamed "Mr. Quando quando quando"). Attended Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Kirk Douglas and personally know Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy Regan, writes and produces songs for Diana Ross, Julio Iglesias, Lionel Richie launches Nikka Costa, child-prodigy daughter of the famous conductor Don Costa, and to bring it to the number one of the Italian and international rankings.

After the year 2000, Tony Renis won many music awards: from a Golden Globe, a nomination of Oscar , award to career of Sanremo, in 2004 he is the organiser of Sanremo Italian Music Festival and in the last year, he organises concerts and discos for Andrea Bocelli,
tony renis giovane
Tony Renis and Mina

Below, 2 version of 'Quando quando', the first of 1962 and the second on 1978, in the 'disco time'...

Tony Renis songs ( Discography) :

  1. 1969: Tony Renis (RCA Italiana, PSL 10435)
  2. 1974: Graffiti (EMI Italiana, 3C 048-51500
  3. 1976: Tony Renis (RCA Italiana, TCL 1-1078)
  4. 1976: Un grande grande grande Tony Renis (RCA Italiana - Serie Lineatre, NL 31078)
  5. 1989: Le più belle di Tony Renis (EMI Italiana, 7931031)

Tony Renis discos:
  1. 1958: Come prima/Ti dirò (Combo Record, 5057; con i Combos)
  2. 1958: Prendi quella stella/Tipitipitipso (Combo Record, 5058; con i Combos)
  3. 1958: Magic Moments/Oggi o mai più (Combo Record, 5091; con i Combos)
  4. 1958: Clopin clopant/Tutto è diverso (Combo Record, 5092; con i Combos)
  5. 1958: Prendi quella stella/Ti dirò (Combo Record, 5093; con i Combos)
  6. 1959: Nessuno al mondo/Addio Maria (La voce del padrone, 7MQ 1224)
  7. 1959: Morir d'amor/Ti prego, amore (La voce del padrone, 7MQ 1229)
  8. 1960: Tenerezza/Cuore in blue jeans (La voce del padrone, 7MQ 1379)
  9. 1961: Pozzanghere/Lei (La voce del padrone, 7MQ 1525)
  10. 1961: Piccolo indiano/15 anni (La voce del padrone, 7MQ 1657)
  11. 31 gennaio 1962: Quando quando quando/Blu (La voce del padrone, 7MQ 1689)
  12. 1962: Tango per favore/Amor amor amor (La voce del padrone, 7MQ 1708)
  13. 29 gennaio 1963: Perché perché/Gli innamorati sono angeli (La voce del padrone, 7MQ 1776)
  14. 29 gennaio 1963: Uno per tutte/Le ciliegie (La voce del padrone, 7MQ 1777)
  15. 1964: Bikini e tmurè/Un ragazzino (La voce del padrone, 7MQ 1819)
  16. 1964: Le ciliegie/Gli innamorati sono angeli (La voce del padrone, 7MQ 1823)
  17. 1964: Ti guardero nel cuore/Otto e mezzo (La voce del padrone, 7MQ 1846)
  18. 1964: Sorrisi di sera/Ti chiedo scusa (La voce del padrone, MQ 1867)
  19. 1964: Non sei mariu' stasera/Baciamoci signorina (La voce del padrone, MQ 1882)
  20. 1964: Amo Milano/Nostalgia di Milano (Oh mamma mia) (La voce del padrone, MQ 1893)
  21. 1965: Il garofano rosso/Nessun'altra che te (RCA Italiana, PM 3318)
  22. 1967: Quando dico che ti amo/Mi perderai (RCA Italiana, PM 3389)
  23. 1967: Non mi dire mai good bye/Prima di domani (RCA Italiana, PM 3403)
  24. 1968: Il posto mio/Che notte sei (RCA Italiana, PM 3439)
  25. 1968: Frin frin frin/Cosa non farei (RCA Italiana, PM 3456)
  26. 1969: L'aereo parte/Un ragazzo che ti ama (Numero Uno, ZN 50015)
  27. 1970: Canzone blu/Dove sei stata Susy (Numero Uno, ZN 50019)
  28. 1970: Venere/Amami per favore (Numero Uno, ZN 50034)
  29. 1972: Un uomo tra la folla/Grande grande grande (Numero Uno, ZN 50145)

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