27 giu 2009

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Paola Cortellesi actress, singer and author

Cortellesi Paola
Paola Cortellesi
Cortellesi Paola, borns in Rome on '73 , She is another italian actress unknows out of Italy, also she's talking a fluent english language.
Paola Cortellesi is actress, author and singer. Starts in the theatre in 1995, continuing to play with his theatre company, preferring the contemporary prose. After various experiences on radio, comes to television and will be precisely thanks to the satirical programme "Mai dire goal" (Never say goals) with the "Jalappa ' s Band", program where Paola is author of its texts that will takes to her a great popularity. In 2004 has its first programme where is theone woman show' "Nessundorma" where Paola skills are finally shown to all the amazing quality of Paola, both as a singer, as author of texts as actress; in 2007 is the actress of serie "Maria Montessori", - the great educators of childrens of '900 - with which wins the prize 'Donatello David' as best actress.
Of course, she continuus to make also actress in teatrhe, and the last work was 'the lasts will be the lasts', a great theatral perfomance, 'one woman show' where Paola Cortellesi made 7 different characters!!
PS: Cortellesi Paola consider herself as actress, but many peoples and criticisms consider her more singer than actress, also if she is a very good actress ( humor and drammatic); very interesting author ( the most part of singers and theatral text made by herself) and a singer with a very good female voice; owever, she doesn't consider herself as singer, and to find 'normal songs' sung by Paola is very rare thing. She sings only 'humor songs' as the songs you can see in the 13 video above.
Only now I found the first song Paola sung "Cacao meravigliao" an humor song) when she was only 13 years old; the song was the initial of a very lucky Italian Tv show: 'Indietro tutta' (song n. 13 of video-playlist), with Renzo Arbore.

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