28 giu 2009

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In-Grid songs, bio Italian singer

songs of In-Grid

IN-GRID - Emiliana Alberini - borns in '78, she was named after the big film star Ingrid Bergman.

Her parents ran a cinema ( still now, in Guastalla - Emilia Romagna) and In-Grid grew-up watching movies wich she says were a major infuence on her decision to become a singer.
She started painting, acting and singing, soon to discover that for her music was the most poweful form of expression.
She began singer locally in her native northern italy and soon got a reputation for her great stage presence and the enrgy and coulour of her voice.
The internationaly record producer Larry Pignaroli and Marco Soncini, invited her to sing on a couple of ideas they were working on in the studio.
She laid down the vocals of "Tu es foutu " in one go, and the song come to life.
'Tu es foutu', in 2003, has been an international success of disco-music; in the 1st place of selling in many Countries of Europe, but also in Russia, South America, Italy and, in America with an english version 'You promised me'.
The caratherist of In-Grid' music is a dance-music with use of Accordion that transforme the 'disco' in 'world music', 'gitanes', with some of tango, and very ''ritmated' dance music.
In-Grid isn't famouse in Italy ( I think she was francaise) , but She has fans in East Countries as Polland and Russia, but also in France and in America.
I can only said her voice is very beautiful, sensual, 'full' and sexy, a very 'female voice'.

In-Grid Discography:
  1. 2003 - Rendez-Vous
  2. 2004 - La vie en rose
  3. 2005 - Voilà!
  4. 2010 - Passion
  5. 2010 - Lounge Musique
In-Grid Songs:
  1. 2002 - Tu es foutu (tu m'as promis)
  2. 2003 - Shock
  3. 2003 - In-Tango
  4. 2004 - Ah l'amour l'amour
  5. 2005 - Pochill - Tu Es Là?
  6. 2005 - Mama mia
  7. 2006 - Oui
  8. 2006 - I Was a Ye-Ye Girl (con Doing Time)
  9. 2008 - I Love
  10. 2008 - Tentaçion a l'hombre
  11. 2009 - Le dragueur
  12. 2010 - Les fous
  13. 2010 - Vive le Swing

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