18 giu 2009

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Petra Magoni, Spinetti: Musica Nuda pure talent video

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Petra Magoni
Music Nuda is the name of the Italian duo fomed by 2 great Italian musicians.
PETRA MAGONI has a girl with a great voice and big music culture.
Borns in Siena - Tuscany - on '72 starts to sing in a 'voci bianche' (boy soprano) chorus (as me) when she was only a little girl ( 8-9 years old); she enter in Livorno's musical Conservatory after many years, where studies old music and sacre music.
Over the years has participated in seminars on improvisation, harmonious hand, difonic and voice ensemble. Working in the context of the ancient and Opera music with the Pisa Verdi theatre company.
In '95 Petra Magoni starts to sing rock music, with a group of his town, Siena.
But I think she must thanks his husband, Stefano Bollani and his last great success; that one permits to Petra Magoni to know in italian music market, where for every singer, as if is good is difficult to play in front of many peoples...
However, when I start to write that post, I didn't know of that marriage and now, I'm still convinced Petra is a great vocal talent.
We must said Petra's carreer changes when meet Ferruccio Spinetti: a double bass player and an Italian composer.
Ferruccio Spinetti graduated from bass in 1994 with the maximum of votes and praise. Between 1989 and 1991, participates seminars music jazz in Siena, and becomes part of the Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel.
Between Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti - they knows before becomes a 'duo'- borns a sort of musical alchemy, and They starts to play music only with the bass of Ferruccio and the voice of Petra.
What borns from these two musicians is very rare: jazz, classic, pop, a music They call 'nude', "Musica nuda" is the name of show that they makes just two years (France, Spain, Italy ) and you can hear in the video playlist I add to that article: extraordinary and very difficult only to describe it. The 'magician' of their music is the various kind of genres they can plays and improvise on its ( and very difficult to describe) .. but I'd like You can hear with your ears. I think that sound can becomes only from their souls..

Musica Nuda songs in the video playlist above:

  1. Musica Nuda - Guarda Che Luna
  2. Musica Nuda - Guarda Che Luna
  4. MUSICA NUDA - Come Together
  5. MUSICA NUDA - Perche No
  6. Petra Magoni - Prendila così

Musica Nuda discography: 

  1. Musica nuda (2004)
  2. Musica nuda 2 (2006)
  3. Quam Dilecta (2006)
  4. Live à Fip (2007)
  5. 55/21 (2008)
  6. Complici (2011)
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