18 giu 2009

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Secrets about truth Italian espresso

Italian espresso
Italian coffee "espresso"
First of all I'd like clearing a thing: the difference between 'caffè espresso' and 'cappuccino'..
Cappuccino is a classical Italian drink' made with caffè espresso and hot milk, and steamed-milk foam.
Capuccino: in Italy We usually takes it in the first morning, in the Bar, with croissants (at 07,00 to 10,00 a.m.) or in the middle of afternoon, at the same time an English man takes his tea, but that thing is very more rare, a good barman has his 'arts to make cappuccino' and, as you can see in that photo, on the milk, he will 'decore' your capuccino with cacao or others things as cane sugar as a really paint!!

I know, in other Countries, cappuccino takes in all hours of days, but it wrong. for the other hours there is Coffe espresso!!
We needs two things: a mix of arabic coffee and a moka.
Caffè espresso exists in two kinds of 'ways to do it'. in a Bar ( the machine invented in 1900 in Milan, the same to do cappuccino) and in house ( with Moka (or 'Moka steam'), invented from mr. Bialetti in 1933; of course I'll tell you about Moka and the easy and saving method to do espresso cofee in your home...

Italian espresso

The really 'Moka' costs in Italy from little one ( makes 2 portions 7-10 Us $ to biggest 5-7 portions, 20-30 Us $... ) ; after buy a moka we must buy coffe: one of the nbest is lavazza 250 grams costs in italian supermarket 4-6 U.s $, but with 250 gr. of cofee i can drink cofee for a month 2 or 3 times per day; the big success of coffee in the past has been the cost very good for all italian peoples!!
Now a very important thing: when is the right hour to take a cup of coffee?
Italians takes usualy coffee 3 times per days: in the morning after They wake up ( it's the first thing every italian makes, as it is 5,00 o'clock in the morning, as it's 9,00 o'clock in the morning...) , before to go to work, or after every meal (usualy lunch it's at 13,00 and dinner it's at 20,00)

In Italy, for workers, all times are goods to takes a cuple of cofee, I can saids, without dubt, it 's the national legal drug..
The tipical users of cofee is the workes in office; 'Coffe and sigarettes' becomes an idiom, in all the works exist a 'coffe break'...
Italian espresso coffee we can considerates a really drougs.

The method to do it make that drink very hard, and the 'abuse' is very dangerouse for the heart.
In the photo on the right, you can see the 'moka'. a) water, b) coffee , c) when water will be evaporate, and will comes into coffee, goes here and it will be able to drink our 'caffè espresso'.

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