21 giu 2009

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The hottest minister in the World

Mara Carfagna is the Minister of 'equal opportunities' of Italian Government, is entry immediately in the Government Berlusconi that has won the last elections in Italy in the 2008.
Minister Carfagna has been much talk of itself both for a telephone interception, where two leaders of the Berlusconi's Government spoke of Her 'special benefits', and for her past in the spectacle.
In fact, the Mara Carfagna Minister has done nothing in the field of entertainment, has only participated in of the contact sheet
The hottest minister in the World

Mara Carfagna hottest Minister in the world

As You can see in this video, made for of the contact sheet of 1998, Canale 5, main television Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Mara Carfagna, responding to applications says. "I studied piano height years and are graduate the Academy of dance of Saint Cecilia (the famous Conservatory of classical music of Naples); subsequently the Carfagna will graduate in law in a very 'strange' Universities to Reggio Calabria", where many peoples said that to graduate in that university was easy. you could has only the rigths friends (freemasonery)...
Carfagna supports in this same interview, to be specialized in modern dance in New York, but as you can see, does not seems very good nor playing the piano, nor to sing or dance, and it seams very strange that a person in the same years studies: piano, dance, sung and law, and demostrate, in the future to don't be able in nothing of these things...- but only in other one, we suppose !!
We'd like, in Italy these things could be only gossip, ovewer, we knows that the thruth is baddest than the fantasy...

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