30 giu 2009

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Viareggio rail crash
Translation of the video belowe:
Gutted homes, a huge column of smoke, people in the chock, the fear that shook the whole city: it is the apocalyptic image around the Viareggio train station after the explosion last night of a train load of LPG. The prosecutor of Lucca has initiated an investigation to determine the causes of the accident, the Interior Minister Maroni is reaching the location of the disaster for a visit. According to some witnesses, the train would arrive at the station with the wheels of a wagon on fire.
Almost all tamed fire started with the explosive train consisting of 14 carriages.
t is feared that the death toll could rise: in addition to the 13 already found dead - at least two children - 35 of the 50 injured are all very serious burns, in many cases 90% of the body.

After many hours to disaster We can said that:
The cause of this tragedy seems to be the first bogie of the train wagon, that after the engine. The cart was broken and would have caused a derailment of the first wagon, which has derailed the others, just as the train came into the station of Viareggio, which is located within the City. The freight train consisted of 12 trucks carrying LPG liquid. The first two carriages were broken and the liquid is released, immediately turning into gas. The LPG gas is heavier than air and has flooded homes, roads, garages, near the station and immediately exploded. The explosion was so strong that brought down two small buildings, - or, (with more probabilities) after that gas entered into these buildings, its were exploded - shortly after the area was burned down and 8 hours after, the firemen had not yet managed to extinguish the fire. Many are injured in burn and life-threatenin, We pray for them, there are two kids between 15 dies.

Viareggio is one of more important beach vacation in Italy; situated in front of Adriatic sea, in the North of Tuscany, the beach of Viareggio, is considerated the 'Milan's beach', in the firsts years of last century, is one of places in Italy where rich peoples went to the sea 'for holidays' or relax. After many years Viareggio and the little town of 'Forte dei Marmi' is one of beach where Italian Vips goes for their vacation

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  1. Noi di VideoNewsTV eravamo presenti dopo pochi minuti dall'accaduto. Le immagini che appaiono nel video sono nostre.Le abbiamo realizzate dopo cinque minuti dall'esplosione. E' stato davvero impressionante vivere i momenti dello scoppio. Sembrava solo un grosso incidente,i macchinisti erano in salvo.Solo dopo un'ora si è cominciato a capire quali fossero le dimensioni della tragedia. Oggi 10 Luglio 23 morti, un disperso, 21 feriti, alcuni molto gravi. Una delle più brutte esperienze che abbiamo vissuto come giornalisti di VideoNewsTV.

  2. Grazie, peccato ad oggi, non c'è più questo video


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